Sales Training vs Sales Enablement: What Is Most Effective For Your Business?

Enablement, Sales,Training | May 25, 2020

Reducing the number of lost sales is key to the success of any business. That’s why sales training has always been so important. At its most basic, sales training is used to help salespeople improve their skills and close more and bigger deals.
However, in recent years a new form of sales enablement has been utilized with equally spectacular results. So, just what is the difference between the two, and which will be most effective for your business?
What is sales training?
In general, there are two types of sales training. The first is all about improving product knowledge, with a better all-round understanding of the goods and services that you provide. Developing this knowledge takes time and effort but can have a big impact on your sales figures.
The other type of sales training is all to do with the process. That means implementing procedures within your organization to facilitate the work of your salespeople. This can be in terms of the sales philosophy by which you work, or by implementing new sales tools. These should all be in line with your company branding and will ensure that all sales are handled in the same way, no matter who is dealing with them. This kind of consistency can also reap big rewards.
Traditional sales training is held in a classroom-style learning environment, although more often these days it can take place online and remotely, which is far more convenient for many organizations.
What is sales enablement?
Although some people think sales enablement is just another way of describing sales training, it is far more than that. The key concepts behind sales enablement are about developing a strategic approach to improving sales training, across the whole organization. This could involve sales coaching, onboarding, analysis, as well as the development of processes and systems at a business-wide level.
It’s not just salespeople who need to take part, but rather everyone within the business needs to understand that they have a role to play. It’s about realizing that better sales come from a focus on customers and not just your own sales practices.
Ideally, sales enablement is about changing your company mindset to think about sales in a different way, with a real emphasis on customer satisfaction.
Which is best for my business?
Both sales training and sales enablement can work for most businesses. In fact, sales enablement incorporates a lot of sales training within it, just with an increased focus on ideology and ethos. If you feel you already have that in place and simply need to brush up on your sales skills, then sales training will often be enough.
However, if it’s more a case of changing the way you sell as a business, then a sales enablement program might be better suited. To discuss your options and find out how you could boost sales for your business, get in touch with our team here at The Sales Academy. Our leading sales training could be just the boost you need to close more sales.

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