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Does this sound like you?

  • You’re overwhelmed at the number of leads that go nowhere
  • You’re not charging what you’re worth because you’re worried your customers won’t buy if you increase your prices
  • You need someone to help but don’t know who to reach out to
  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting on a sales call
  • You struggle to get new leads, but you don’t have a strategy to change this
  • You don’t have a simple sales cycle

I understand as I coach clients every day who struggle with the exact same problems. I believe that together we can grow your business, help you charge what you’re worth and start making sales happen.


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“Clear, concise communications backed by proven and adaptable strategies.
Mike’s vast experience at the top of various business verticals has created a tapestry of understanding that brings a truly authentic/custom approach that is really refreshing for both our organisation and our customers.“

– Ryan Stevenson

“If you’re like most people who have a good product/service but struggle on the sales side then Mike is for you. Mike helped us refine our sales process and we have seen a huge increase in turnover as a result. Mike is exactly the person every business should invest in.”

- Robyn Mays
Digital Butter

“Sales is a science, not an art and if you do more of the right things the numbers increase. The engagement with Mike focused on, plan your territory, plan your day plan customer engagement and live the plan. The investment in this organisation was been repaid many times overdue increased achievement across the team.“

– Chris Fry,
CF EMEA Channel Director

“Mike has always been a great help, he has sorted my CV personally and done fantastic sales training for the team which brought the team together and had a big impact on our revenue.“

– Stephen Porter

“Mike Palman at The Sales Academy is so incredibly insightful. He has helped my company select a CRM that is appropriate for our needs while teaching us everything we need to know along the way!

He has a proven track record in sales and will definitely make a difference in your company too!“

– Richard Eltringham

Mike provided valuable business advice on how to move to the next stage of growth in our company and was able to show us what we need to focus on to get there from a sales perspective.“

– Jane Reynolds

Why use The Sales Academy?

Every organisation in the world wants to know how to increase their sales, and although there is no ‘magic formula’ there are a number of tried, tested and trusted strategies that can turn your company’s staff into high performing and high achieving sales professionals.

That’s why you need ‘The Sales Academy’. Founded by award-winning Sales Director Mike Palman, over 20 years ago, ‘The Sales Academy’ has helped turn hundreds of sales people into overachieving sales professionals.


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