How Disney Does Sales – and What You Can Learn From It

Disney, Go To Market, Sales, Social Media | May 27, 2020

How Disney Does Sales – and What You Can Learn From It
As one of the most recognised brands in the world, Disney knows a thing or two about sales. You might not have the global branding power or the marketing budget, but there are still principles here that can be applied at any level. It’s worth taking some time to study the sales techniques of this giant – and learning the lessons that can be applied to your business.
Treat customers well
What the Disney brand realised before many others is that if you treat customers well then it creates loyalty. Whether it’s a holiday in their theme park or just buying a toy, you feel like you’re part of something special – a club where everyone is kind and pleasant. This strategy has worked wonders, with Disney customers being some of the most brand-loyal in the world.
Innovate the customer experience
Even when they are doing well, Disney are always looking for more ways to improve the customer experience. Never one to rest on their laurels, they constantly seek to give their customers more. Pioneering apps and stressing the importance of feedback has allowed them to get ahead of their rivals.
Happy staff
Another key concept of the Disney brand is that happy staff make for happy customers. If staff love going to work each day and do their job with a smile on their face, then this translates into better sales and more profits all round. That’s why they offer their staff such good salaries and working environments. It might cost more in the short term but Disney are always thinking about the future.
Youth is key
Capturing the imagination is at the heart of what Disney does, but they also figured out that if you develop customers when they are young, they will bring their own kids in turn. This idea might not apply to every business, but if you can develop generations of loyal customers then the long-term future of your business is assured.
It’s always worth taking the time to nurture customer relationships, as this can lead to growth in multiple directions.
Be creative
Disney is all about selling a dream or fantasy. They use all their creative power to engage and enchant. You might not think that your product has the same appeal, but there are always ways of using more imagination to brand and sell. A little bit of the magic creativity dust can have a big impact.
If you would like to know more about Disney’s sales secrets and to find out how to apply them to your business, then get in touch with us here at The Sales Academy. We can help your business to adopt the Disney magic, adding creativity, developing good relationships and keeping staff happy.
All businesses are different, but good sales practice can apply to them all. It’s a big lesson we can all learn from the masters of the art at Disney.
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