Why You Should Never Stay Quiet in a Crisis

Crisis, Social Media | Apr 24, 2020

Why You Should Never Stay Quiet in a Crisis
These are very strange times indeed. Uncertainty lies behind almost everything, and in business this can be very worrying. Not being sure is always very bad for business. And as a risk-averse business owner, it can be very tempting to pull up the drawbridge and wait for this all to blow over. But is this being counterproductive?
It might be that rather than seeing this period as a crisis, we should be seeing it as an opportunity. Cutting back on your sales and marketing now might be the wrong thing to do. In fact, this should be the time that you offer reassurance to your customers that you are there for them and will still be there when the dust settles.
Reach Out on Social Media
Use this opportunity to engage with them on the platforms that do still exist. You may not be able to see them face to face in store. You may not even be able to make sales at this time, depending on your business. But what you can do is work to strengthen your relationships and put effort into establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry.
Social media is key to these efforts, as one of the few remaining channels of communication left open to you. Use this time to reach out to your customers. Engage with them. Provide key content and try and get them to contribute too. This will all help you to hit the ground running when things do return to normal.
Work Internally to Strengthen
You should also use this time to strengthen and train your key staff’s skill set. Add value to your team by working on sales strategy and individual selling techniques. You can develop and retrain your team online, with resources available at home so that everyone can stay safe but still use their time productively. It is also available at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales training.

This could be the ideal time to make the leap to the next step in your sales training. After all, when else would you and your staff have the time and availability to do this. Online sales training can be flexible too, fitting around all of our new daily routines. And it can be customised to your needs for maximum impact.

You will be fully supported and all training is certified. So, when all of this does come to an end, you will be ready with a newly honed and prepped sales attitude to get the business up and running. And you might just have gained the edge on the competition who have been sitting at home watching Netflix.

To find out more about online sales training and e-learning, get in touch with our team here at Sales Academy. Use this time to engage with learning and improve your sales techniques. It’s not the time to down tools and hope for the best, it’s time to become the best.

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