How to Maximise Webinars post Lockdown

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How to maximise webinars post lockdown
COVID-19 has forced many of us to look at the ways we run our business. One of the key differences has been to shift from face-to-face meetings to video calls. Networking has also moved online, with it being integral for many businesses to stay in touch and reach out during this challenging period. However, one way your business can really harness the power of technology is through video conferencing.
Hosting online webinars after the lockdown is an important way of showing what you have to offer, promoting your expertise and helping to drive business to your site. The key is to create webinar sessions that people really want to join. This will help you to leverage these as marketing tools.
The main benefits of webinars after lockdown
Web seminars, or webinars for short, are online video presentations that use software to spread knowledge anywhere in the world. They are also interactive, with participants being able to ask questions or get involved in other ways.
You can use webinars to build a network, with subscribers to your presentation providing you contact details and providing a network base for further contact.
Hosting these sessions in areas that are your speciality establishes you as a trusted source of information. You can share your ideas with your target market and build on your branding. It is also a great way of creating valuable content that can be viewed over and over. Most webinars take place in real-time but can be recorded so that you can increase the number of people who can see it. You can even send it out to other people via email or post on social media.
It’s also a great way of generating leads, as people who sign up for your webinar have already displayed an interest.
How to plan a webinar
It’s always best to plan your webinars ahead of time and don’t rely on being able to wing it. Be clear about your purpose and choose a relevant topic that your target audience will be interested in viewing. Create a basic outline of what you are going to say and try and stick to a timescale. No one wants to be sitting there for hours on end. An hour is usually more than enough to cover the most relevant information.
You also need to have the correct technical equipment. Laptop cameras are good but a more serious camera and sound recording equipment will give your webinar a more professional edge.
You also need to choose a suitable time to host it. Arguably there is no ideal time but late in the day or too early in the morning tend to be less favoured. And remember to try and maximise the branding potential of your webinar, with banners and other materials in place before you start.
You can harness the potential of webinars in the new business landscape and drive business in a new way for the coming months. Get in touch with to find out more.

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