Killer presentations by video

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Killer presentations by video
One of the most obvious changes to come out of the last few months in a business sense is that online visual presentation is going to be key from now on, whether that is talking to customers on Zoom or other video calling apps or building your video presentation skills in order to win new business. But how do you do the latter?
How do you improve your video presentation skills so that you are creating killer video content that leads to sales? The good news is that it is easier than you think.
Frame your story
There’s no way you can talk at length on video and keep people interested unless you have something interesting to say. Before you start, during your prep phase, think about your concept and try and frame it in such a way that it has broad appeal.
As humans, we are all wired to listen to stories, so try to give your presentation a beginning, middle and end, with a strong narrative arc running through it. Build tension, and try and give people the reward of an ending that delivers a punch.
Plan your delivery
Unless you are an absolute natural in front of the camera (and few people are) then you need to work on your delivery. This isn’t just the words you are going to say, but the way you say them too.
That means working on your tone and thinking about how you are going to prompt your delivery. If you are a really good talker, then having a loose script to work around is okay. Others might need a script or even a teleprompter to read from. The key here is to make it sound like you’re talking naturally. Nobody wants to sit and watch someone reading off cue cards for an hour.
It’s generally better if you can learn your script by heart, or at least practise it until it is pretty fluent. This will feel much more natural and establish a bond with your audience. People don’t mind being spoken to, but they often don’t like being lectured.
Work on your presence
Oscar Wilde once said that charisma was the ability to influence without logic. Some people have this naturally in spades, others need to work at it. It’s hard to pin down what screen presence actually is but it generally involves following a few tricks of the trade.
First, don’t move too much. Look at all the great actors or presenters and the skill is actually in doing less, not more. Big gestures and movements look unprofessional and can be a big turn-off. Reduce your motion, try and keep calm and with your hands in a sensible and comfortable place. Make eye contact – which basically means looking down the camera right at your viewer.
Follow all of the above advice and you can start creating killer video presentations that really bring the business in.
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