Sales Saint or Sales Sinner?

Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 18, 2020

Being in sales can sometimes be difficult. I was reminded about this today when I went to meet with a seriously intelligent PhD type who was running a company. Whilst the company wanted to increase sales, they only wanted to increase sales on an ethical basis.
However, being ethical means different things to different people and for this reason it is very difficult to be objective. Let’s take a closer look at this, but first we need to go back to basics and examine our knowledge of features and benefits as it is impactful in this discussion.
Features and Benefits
When you consider a salesperson has to ensure that the prospect has all the information to make an informed decision otherwise they are not doing their job effectively. You know the kind of things, not selling features but selling benefits. Being able to convert features into benefits as we all know is the simplest way to make an impact.
Sales Saint
So, once you have converted the features into benefits and your prospect deliberates and ultimately, as in this case buys your product or service, job done you are of course a Sales Saint. Let’s remember you have probably influenced the prospect at some stage during the sales cycle and as a direct result of this help the prospect has, of course, examined all of the information and then continued on with some help from you the salesperson to close the sale – but you might be wrong!
Sales Sinner
Back at my meeting, I explained that we all have the power to influence. We influence people by using language – positive language. We can paint word pictures which when used in a particular way will influence a buyer. Our PhD thought this was unethical or possibly unethical, and having thought about it maybe I agree – but hold on a moment as there is more to consider.
Closing The Sale
Regardless of if you are a sinner or a saint if you are in sales, you have to close business otherwise you are an overhead. Have you ever noticed that sales managers and directors do not like overheads? I would suggest that whatever sales technique you use that you use it wisely. I would never sell anything to someone who didn’t want it. Today people do not have abundant budgets to fritter away on some souped-up super salesperson who tricked them into parting with their money.
In reality, we all have choices, I would still want to be a successful sales saint than a successful sales sinner no matter how much people paid me – so you could argue that I am also ethical – what about you?
Next Steps

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