Less Is More – Sales Re- Engineering With Twitter

Sales, Sales Tips, Twitter | Jan 19, 2020

Twitter has attracted a massive following and for so many people they have had to re-engineer the way they talk. No longer have you pages upon pages to get your point across, it has to be done succinctly and in only 140 characters. Creativity is in abundance and thanks to Twitter stunning messaging has arrived. When you examine the “Tweets” you will also realise that it’s not really 140 characters, it’s often less, as you have a web address to send people to and you have to leave enough room for re tweeting. Realistically you have approximately 100 characters.
Get To The Point with Twitter
All of a sudden people need to take control of their speech and think in a different way. If you are a fan of Texting you will have a head start and are likely to create compelling sales-related tweets that might entertain or promote further research. Your 100 characters must inspire the reader to take action. You will have learnt to shorten your web addresses to give you more canvas but you have to tweet in an exciting way, bursting with originality and innovation.
Twitter and PowerPoint
Not an obvious connection but just imagine a presentation with only one message of 140 characters or less per slide. Clearly you have to attract your audience but too much information can get lost and Twitter won’t allow you to do that, so why don’t you use the same Twitter rules for your next PowerPoint presentation – remember 140 characters.
Lastly an in the interest of Twitter this post is somewhat shorter than usual but my message has been given, the rest is up to you – try it you could be surprised.
Next Steps

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