Achieve Awesome Sales Customer Service

Customer Service, Sales | Jan 14, 2020 Customer service is an interesting profession. If you are like me you find no benefit in waiting in long telephone queues with an automated voice saying that “your business is important to us, please stay on the line” quickly followed by “we are experiencing a large number of […]

Breaking Down The Fundamentals: 5 Tips To Close Sales

Close Sales, Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 16, 2020 Every salesperson has their own method of sealing the deal but most of them are based on a few basic principles. No matter what product you are representing, these tips can help lead you from a “maybe” to a signature on the dotted line. But before […]

What Sales And Marketing Gurus Have Learnt From Bananas

Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 17, 2020 Imagine a banana. Let’s think about the packaging: recognisable in almost any country in the world. You’re probably thinking it’s yellow or green, but it also comes in red, purple, and brown. You may think this ingenious design (with free, convenient packaging, requiring no utensils, and no hidden […]

Sales Saint or Sales Sinner?

Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 18, 2020 Being in sales can sometimes be difficult. I was reminded about this today when I went to meet with a seriously intelligent PhD type who was running a company. Whilst the company wanted to increase sales, they only wanted to increase sales on an ethical basis. However, being […]

Less Is More – Sales Re- Engineering With Twitter

Sales, Sales Tips, Twitter | Jan 19, 2020 Twitter has attracted a massive following and for so many people they have had to re-engineer the way they talk. No longer have you pages upon pages to get your point across, it has to be done succinctly and in only 140 characters. Creativity is in abundance […]

5 Easy Ways To Ensure You Close A Sale

Close Sales, Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 20, 2020 From their first conversation to the close, a strong salesperson should consistently ask their prospect client for small closes during the sales cycle. Getting these small commitments from your prospect will help them to say “yes” and as well as show you how committed they are […]