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Customer Service, Sales | Jan 14, 2020

Customer service is an interesting profession. If you are like me you find no benefit in waiting in long telephone queues with an automated voice saying that “your business is important to us, please stay on the line” quickly followed by “we are experiencing a large number of calls at present please be patient your business is important to us”. Well if it really was, then they would have someone to talk to rather than an automated voice; and as patience isn’t the best skill that I have, all I seem to think about is how poor the customer service is!
This got me thinking and I wonder how effective your sales customer service is? Here are three tips that will contribute to your sales toolbox to help you provide awesome customer service.
Answer The Phone
Sounds straight forward but please answer the phone within three rings if you can. This was taught to me many years ago but it still makes sense. People will remark how good you are based on this alone as it seems to be more unique today! They may even be complimentary as they do not have to speak to a machine.
Stay In Regular Contact
Salespeople are loathed if they only call when it is a renewal or they have a new product. Clients hate this and it’s an easy way to score an own goal. Make sure you call your clients on a regular basis.
Follow-Through On Promises
There is no doubt about it that so many people never follow through with what they say they will do. This is crazy having spent so much time with your prospect or client. Do not fall into this category it’s difficult to recover from and perception is reality. If you say you will do something follow through and do it in a timely manner. This could be organising a reference visit or providing research or other sales support activities.
By following these straight forward steps you can achieve easier sales, build a solid reputation and separate yourself from the competition.
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