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Sales & Marketing Audit

Get better results once you adopt our independent audit where we uncover the facts the facts.

Lead Generation

Leverage Social Media and automated email marketing to generate more leads.

Group Training


For 2019 we are launching our first VIP sales mastermind group – if you want to go on the waiting list then opt in for more information. Attendance will be limited and it is a closed group packed full of insane amounts of knowledge and includes webinars 1:1 help and much more. If you want to get ahead get on the waiting list today.

Increase Sales Revenue

Generate Leads Online

Revitilise Your Marketing

Make Better Business Decisions

Sales Consultancy

Most companies have some of the right basics in place  but often they cannot scale and grow their organisation.

Personal Coaching

Have you noticed that some of the most successful people in business have a coach?

Email Marketing

Our Manged Email marketing service is a huge step forward and part of our lead generation deliverable.

Social Media

Start benefiting from more social media leads that hit the right spot.

Why Use The Sales Academy?

Every organisation in the world wants to know how to increase their sales. And although there is no ‘magic formula’ there are a number of tried, trusted and proven ways that can turn your Company’s staff into high performing and high achieving sales professionals. And that’s why you need ‘The Sales Academy’. Founded by award-winning sales expert, Mike Palman, over 20 years ago, ‘The Sales Academy’ has helped turn hundreds of sales people into sales professionals.

Sales & Marketing Audit

Sometimes it’s hard to move forward when you don’t really understand where you are starting from! Our ‘Sales and Marketing Audit’ enables your business to have a clearer and better understanding of their sales potential and also helps in creating a baseline from which to grow and develop in order to maximise your revenue.

Implementing a Measurable Sales Qualification Process

Nobody wants to waste time chasing unproductive sales leads. But do you really know how to professionally and accurately qualify your sales opportunities? Getting your qualification process streamlined and productive is essential for any business. Let ‘The Sales Academy’ show you how to do it simply and effectively.

Sales Consultancy

Sometimes it makes sense to bring in fresh ideas and innovative thinking into a stale or static sales arena. Many organisations derive huge benefits from having an independent review of their sales practices and processes so that new ideas and techniques can be introduced that are designed to grow and flourish. If your current sales strategy is not working, or needs an overhaul, then our sales consultancy service is just what you are looking for.

Sales Awareness for Technical People

Everyone in your organisation has a part to play in the sales process – even your technical staff! But do they know that? Here at ‘The Sales Academy’ we specialise in helping everyone in an organisation to recognise their value to the business. But don’t worry! We won’t try to turn all your IT staff into sales professionals – but we will show them how they can pay their part to help to accelerate your sales so that everyone benefits!

Sales Pipeline Deep Dive

Do you really understand your current sales pipeline? Is it accurate? Comprehensive? Up to date? Achieving the desired results?  Our tried and trusted sales pipeline ‘deep dive’ leaves no stone unturned. If you really want to know your true sales potential and how to use the data to maximise every opportunity, then we can show you how to do it.

Personal Development & Coaching

Sales training is not just a one-size-fits-all generic solution. Everyone is an individual and deserves customised personal development and personal coaching. ‘The Sales Academy’ has always recognised this, and also recognises the importance of cultivating the individual to achieve their potential. Having the right mindset and focus is key to success and that’s exactly what we teach.

Mike Palman

Mike Palman is a Sales professional with an outstanding sales record achieved over 25 years at the cutting edge of corporate business in a variety of sectors.

After honing his skills he Mike was invited to become “Managing Director” and “North European Sales Director” of ‘Mobius Management Systems, and more recently “Sales Director” of “Lexmark Enterprise Software” Mike went on to set up his own professional Sales Company – “The Sales Academy”. Since 2000 “The Sales Academy”, which trains salespeople to excel in their careers, has trained hundreds of salesmen and women in how to sell better, faster and more effectively.

I’ve worked with Mike twice now in my career and have to say both times have been a pleasure. Mike is focussed on driving revenue, developing his team and the team around him whilst ensuring his clients are receiving a world class service.

Roger Greenway, Enterprise Sales Executive

I have worked for many Sales Directors and it has been a pleasure working for Mike as he is a true sales professional. Its amazing how many SD’s don’t know sales, whereas Mike on the other hand knows every single aspect in order to drive performance and team success. Professional sales people should always be managed by Professional SD’s and Mike is just that.

Tim Woodhouse, Strategic Sales RPA for SAP

I have known and worked with Mike over the last couple of years. As a Sales Director in our Enterprise Software business, Mike is fundamental in providing the bridge in leadership and teamwork with his organisation and mine in Managed Services. Over this time during our relentless acquisition strategy and integration, Mike has been very professional, driven to achieve results and was a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Corne, Lexmark

Clear, concise communications backed by proven and adaptable strategies.

Mike’s vast experience at the top of various business verticals has created a tapestry of understanding that brings a truly authentic/custom approach that is really refreshing for both our organisation and our customers.

Ryan Stevenson Productions

Mike has a wealth of knowledge on how to drive sales. His advice is always practical and actionable. And, his passion about business development really shows. I enjoyed working with him very much.

Emira Demiri, Marketing Manager, Advice Cloud

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

If you really want to increase and optimise your sales revenue, then you need to understand the science of selling. That means raising your sales awareness, knowing how to conduct sales audits, knowing how to create an effective sales strategy, knowing how to manage a sales pipeline and qualify leads, knowing how to train a high-performing sales team and how to win and retain business.

That’s why ‘The Sales Academy’ was created. If you are serious about maximising your sales opportunities, you have come to the right place. Read on and see what we can do for your business.

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