Why prospecting on the phone works well post Covid-19

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Why prospecting on the phone works well post Covid-19
The coronavirus has had – and will continue to have – a devastating impact on industries around the world. Offices and retail spaces have been closed and some businesses have put all operations on hold. But our long- and short-term future depends on getting things up and running again. That’s why we need to look for other COVID-safe ways of doing business during the crisis.
One of these is prospecting on the phone. It may seem odd to be calling up customers or potential customers during these difficult times, but we have to understand the reality of this pandemic. Keep reading to find out why phone prospecting might work for you.
Why phone prospecting works for you
First, we need to comprehend that business cannot simply stop indefinitely. We need to find ways to keep income streams open. If face-to-face contact is not allowed, and trade shows and other traditional methods of generating leads are off the table, then we need to defer to those that still do work. In short, that means either by email or phone. And as any good salesperson will tell you, getting to speak to someone on the phone directly is much better than sending out emails.
We’re not saying email prospecting doesn’t work but an actual conversation is always preferable. That way you can be sure that your message has got across. If you have previously operated a phone prospecting strategy, then you can simply adapt and carry on. If this is new to you, then you need to train your staff in the nuts and bolts of how to do it correctly. That’s where we come in at The Sales Academy. We can offer extensive sales training programmes to make sure your team is ready to take on the challenge.
Positive customer reaction
The other major reason that phone prospecting works is because customers have changed too. They want to be needed and nurtured now. Six months ago the idea of being cold-called was a nuisance – not so anymore in a world where any kind of contact is appreciated.
People are a lot more receptive to the idea of being called and contacted than ever before, and this looks like something that is set to change over the long term.
Safety is always your priority
Phone prospecting checks all the boxes in terms of keeping your staff and customers safe and healthy. There is no risk at playmaking a phone call, and your staff can work remotely from home. Normal operations can resume without the need to bring people into an office environment or compromise their safety and security.
If you would like to know more about the benefits of phone prospecting, then get in touch with our expert team of sales trainers. Email mike@thesalesacademy.com for more information about phone prospecting and other sales strategies suitable for the post-COVID world.

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