Lead Generation

The Sales Academy offers companies it’s proven lead generation service that delivers leads on a regular basis  from your target area.

Most companies require regular lead generation which subsequently allows a company to grow but lead generation is often an area of sales that isn’t very effective – until now!

Generate leads

Do you have trouble generating leads in today’s challenging sales and economic conditions? Would you like an automatic sales lead generation program that keeps on giving? Just imagine what it would feel like when you benefit from multiple leads on a regular basis? Most companies will answer yes if polled about getting more sales leads – maybe you also agree that sales lead generation should be an automated sales lead generation and if you do The Sales Academy can help!

When you have you sales lead generation on automatic all of a sudden your sales funnel increases, you will qualify and close some of those sales leads resulting in even more sales and everyone wants more bottom line sales revenues!

Every company is different, so we provide an effective bespoke hybrid sales solution that works for you. This includes a both digital marketing and digital advertising. We can leverage platforms such as Google Ads, LinkedIn and Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

We work with you to ensure you focus on the right approach so that your automated sales lead campaigns deliver highly qualified sales leads that in turn you can convert into bottom line sales revenues.


Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing should be adopted by everyone and is a key component of a multi-channel digital marketing and lead generation solution. We help you achieve success and put email marketing on automatic. We will take you through step by step and automate the whole process but best of all we manage it for you. Realistically time frame for success will differ when you decide to adopt a managed email marketing solution. Putting lead generation via Email marketing will provide an opportunity o send highly targeted campaigns to the right people at the right time with the right message.

Lead Generation Planning

Leverage Social Media and our Manged Email marketing servie to generate more leads.

Answer these and you are half way there. Initially we discuss your Sales Objectives for Sales Lead Generation. Together we will map out what marketing is required, and we will also provide templates for lead generation that will be sent for each sales lead generation campaign. We have a sales process that works and delivers outstanding sales results for you and with your help we will drive the right leads to you, so you can use your sales expertise to get them closed. Planning for sales success is not an option it’s a must have and you probably know more about your target audience then we do.

Google Ads Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising delivers instant traffic by placing you at top positions on search engines. Our highly experienced team manage your account to ensure that you have the optimum level of performance with your campaigns and offer clear strategies in how to improve your PPC advertising campaigns.

Mike Palman

Mike Palman is a Sales professional with an outstanding sales record achieved over 25 years at the cutting edge of corporate business in a variety of sectors.

After honing his skills he Mike was invited to become “Managing Director” and “North European Sales Director” of ‘Mobius Management Systems, and more recently “Sales Director” of “Lexmark Enterprise Software” Mike went on to set up his own professional Sales Company – “The Sales Academy”. Since 2000 “The Sales Academy”, which trains salespeople to excel in their careers, has trained hundreds of salesmen and women in how to sell better, faster and more effectively.

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