Eating vegetable five times a day is seen as an important way of being healthy, but what about the health of your Sales Pipeline and how could vegetables create a blueprint to increase sales success?

To achieve your sales goals you need Focus, Action and Sales Techniques (FAST) – using the FAST methodology your sales will become more predictable and will suddenly deliver more bottom line revenues. Taking Action is by far the most important part of your daily programme and what we would suggest that you should now adopt a five a day action plan to accelerate your sales similar to a five a day regime you have been taught about healthy living
What five actions could you take daily to ensure sales success?

21 Ideas To Feast Upon To Increase Sales

To increase sales opportunities you could…

Talk to your contact, email your contact, write a letter to your contact, find an article and highlight appropriate information, find out more information about your prospects , get a set of their accounts, search the internet for contacts at the company, familiarize yourself with the current economic drivers for your prospects business, find out who their competition is, find out who your competition is, get a meeting, get them to come to you, introduce them to someone who has the product or service, ask them for a referral, ask them for a verbal reference (subject to winning the business), become an expert in their field, introduce them to an expert in their field, educate them, ask them to speak at your user group, offer to speak at an event, agree an end date.

Using FAST to Increase Sales

This is of course is at a granular level and it may be that you want build a better pipeline in which case you would use the FAST approach to get you there. The same process  to increase sales would be adopted and you would take five action steps daily to help you get you to where you want to be. These could include, cold calling, meetings, advertising, building a prospect database and networking. Clearly these represent just a few different ways to build a pipeline. You need to match the methods that work for you in your business but also take massive action each and every day.

The Result

Soon you will have an abundance of opportunities because of your focus, action and sales technique.

Next Steps

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