Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 24, 2020

Email and internet marketing may seem like a daunting prospect. Immediate communication presents enormous opportunities but you may think, “how do I avoid being viewed as spam?”

If we consider that not so many years ago when we were selling products or services it was usual to make the phone call, engage the prospect in conversation, then send a brochure as it becomes less intimidating. Even today, most telesales people will tell you that they make approximately 100 calls per day. Rejection is par for the course. Telesales staff may also tell you their work is complemented by the power of email.

If a customer has an email address already, they can immediately be directed to an online brochure or a website while your call is still happening. No longer do you have to wait for the “snail mail” approach for a follow-up!

Email marketing is one of the primary leaders for contacting prospects and clients.

Email marketing gives you immediate access to your target market. Gone are the days of waiting for mailers to be delivered from printers after an agonising process of development and trips to the Post Office. Not surprisingly the old way has now become no way.

The absence of production and postal costs make email campaigns sought after. It is possible to email up to 2,500 for a nominal fee through bulk email service providers. Simply put, this cost-effective method available to large and small companies has become a “no brainer”.

The ability to track the metrics of how effective your online communication has been, is possibly the most powerful weapon for today’s marketer. Understanding basics that would be impossible in the old days has proven to be very successful and appealing.

Given all of these metrics, you can now establish the “warm” clients and where their interests lie. Additionally, you could take a view that if a certain email marketing offer was opened up on a regular basis or several times during the day then this would indicate specific interest. Armed with this knowledge you could then easily target those people who were active.

It’s not about if you decide that email marketing is for you; it’s about when you decide. The rapid growth that email marketing is enjoying is perfectly understandable – don’t get caught out and wait forever when you could be enjoying a new way to market. We can show you how to create a campaign and maximise results allowing you to benefit from more business and generate happy clients.

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