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Every business owner knows that to grow and succeed, you need to generate sales. However, whilst that’s fundamental to any business plan, it’s not a good idea to rely on sales from existing customers. The coronavirus pandemic this year has clearly demonstrated how important it is to win new business and this has become a key focus for many companies in recent months.
Business growth in 2020
Whilst the UK’s private business sector suffered from an unprecedented peacetime downtime during the second quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic lockdown, June saw unprecedented growth. Consumers and business customers wanted to spend, and they did. The IHS Markit Flash UK Composite Output Index hit a 61-month high of 57.1 in July, up from 47.7 in June. Any reading above 50 is a good indication of expansion.
Whatever sector your business is in, be it an SME or larger corporate, it is essential to generate new leads, win new business, and grow as a company to remain sustainable. But just how do you do that? Here are some great ideas for winning new business.
Maximize your social media networks.
It’s a digital world. If you’re not utilizing your social media networks, you’re missing a trick. Whilst it’s not advisable to have a presence on too many social media platforms, depending on your type of business, sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are generally considered essential. Social media networks are great opportunities to connect with not only existing customers but also to attract the attention of new customers. But it’s not just a case of maintaining your profile; creating a digital marketing strategy that generates interesting, engaging content and promoting your business through these platforms is a great way of reaching your target audience, but also a much wider audience.
Network, network, network.
We all know the adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” – that’s the advantage of networking. It could be a tradeshow or exhibition, or in current times, an online event; it could be a business breakfast with local companies; it could be a social event. Every situation is a potential opportunity to win new business. Whilst face-to-face networking is not as easy at the moment, make full use of online networking.
What are your competitors doing to win new business?
Are you watching your competitors winning new business and wondering how they do it? Watch, listen, and learn from your competitors. Whilst it’s not a good idea to blatantly copy them if you are able to discover their winning strategy, think about how you can adapt it to your business, and subsequently improve it to generate leads and win new customers.
Target your ideal customer.
Many businesses’ marketing strategy is to try to target too many, or too wide, a customer base. By trying to reach everybody, you’re more likely to reach nobody, thereby wasting your time, effort, and resources. Take the time to think about your ideal customer and create a customer profile using a set of criteria. Once you have your customer profile in place, you will be able to generate useful, valuable information that is of specific interest to them.
The value of testimonials.
With so many people trusting online endorsements, what better way to promote your business and gain new customers than testimonials from existing customers, extolling the virtues of your business? Word-of-mouth is probably the best recommendation you could wish for.

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