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Sales, Sales Strategies, Sales Tactics Nov 23, 2020

We can learn from the military who in the main are a highly professional and structured organisation. Guess what, they always have a plan, they communicate the plan upwards and downwards. But sometimes planning isn’t enough and that’s when they use collaboration. The Military understand planning, collaboration, strategy, tactics and precision execution. They understand exactly who their target is and with laser precision ensure that they move closer to the exact position.
So it should not be a surprise when they announce that they have won. Winning is slightly different for the military and there could easily be a series of smaller wins before the large win and then the maintenance begins.
Force Multiplier Effect

However as strong as this would seem to be they also understand the bigger picture and focus. This is where the so-called Force Multiplier Effect comes into play. Essentially the forces or different elements are combined to ensure that the target is destroyed or mission accomplished. Understanding that there are various disciplines involved in combat forces and choosing or augmenting each or all of them will make a difference.

For example, if the target was on land but close to the sea may be the Navy would train their heavy guns on a target. The army may have deployed a surveillance team or the SAS might have penetrated the enemy. The air force might send in drones to photograph the target and provide intelligence. The Navy might send in the SBS to work with the SAS prior to the army sending in troops.
Planning, Strategy and Tactics
So what can we learn? Firstly you have to have a plan. Secondly, there is a difference between tactics and strategy both of which are needed to ensure a successful conclusion. Thirdly you will have assets that you can use in a similar way to the military – these could be various events to warm up your prospect base before an email marketing campaign. You might then want to create a survey and send out a white paper. Depending on the results you could invite qualified prospects to a special event. Alternatively, you might go for a meeting again if the prospect was qualified. Today it’s even easier to organise a WebEx/video conference to educate and inform.
Successful Campaigns Require Multiple Approaches
So, in reality, great sales leaders adopt a great sales plan using multiple approaches. There is no doubt about it get the strategy and tactics right, deploy whatever is required and then engage with your target – The Force Multiplier Effect can easily and effectively be deployed in a majority of sales cycles!
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