Whatever the answer these five tips should be understood by every sales person and every sales manager. The more you understand about your prospect the easier it will be to close sales.

Build a Solid, Wide and Deep Sales Pipeline

Ensure you have a short, medium and long term qualified prospects – without qualified prospects your business will stall. That is why every sales person should be able to cold call and to dedicate some time each week to building a qualified pipeline.

Engage With Your Prospect

The prospect is your route to getting a closed sale. Without engaging and getting close to them you won’t stand a chance as other people who are more personable will overtake you. Remember the old adage People buy people first and everything second.

Adopt a Different Sales Strategy

If it isn’t working do something different – it’s highly unlikely that doing the same things day in day out which do not work will miraculously start working because you need some sales revenue. Make a point of measuring what is working and introduce new ways of acquiring business. If you don’t your competition will so it’s time to dig deep and be brave.

Implement a Measurable Sales Process

Not just any sales process but a sales process that can be measured and can be repeatable. It’s rather helpful for any Sales Director when they know that everyone is also measuring their opportunities in the same way. This is why a measurable sales process will make a difference.

What’s The Compelling Sales Reason?

You must understand exactly what the compelling event is for the prospect to go ahead. If there is no compelling reason then they are less likely to deliver the revenue when you need and want it. Additionally understand the dates and times and how they will influence the sales cycle.

So, five easy ways to get more sales. As with everything people have opinions but what I do know is that if you can put your hand on your heart and perform in each of these areas sales will be quantifiable and will happen.

Next Steps

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