Breaking Down The Fundamentals: 5 Tips To Close Sales

Close Sales, Sales, Sales Tips | Jan 16, 2020

Every salesperson has their own method of sealing the deal but most of them are based on a few basic principles. No matter what product you are representing, these tips can help lead you from a “maybe” to a signature on the dotted line.

But before we get into the five pointers on closing, the most important underlying principle is to understand your prospective client. The more you understand to whom you are selling; the easier it is to close sales. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together some simple ways to improve your sales approach.

1. Find a Compelling Sales Reason
Understanding your client will help you to find what is important to them and what will engage their interest enough to go forward with your deal. If there is no persuasive reason to take action, they are less likely to deliver the revenue when you need and want it. Sales events that drive the conversation forward will help you entice your clientele into a solid agreement.
Additionally, understanding important financial dates and how they influence the sales cycle will help you understand your needs as well as the capabilities and requirements of your prospects.
2. Engage With Your Prospect
The old adage goes, “people buy people first and everything second” and there’s more than a grain of truth there. Prospective clients are your route to getting a closed sale. Without engaging and getting close to them you won’t stand a chance as other people who are more personable will overtake you, so don’t be afraid to make connections!
3. Build a Solid, Wide and Deep Sales Pipeline
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your sales prospects. Try to cultivate short, medium and long term qualified prospects – without qualified prospects your business will stall. Allocate some dedicated time each week to cold calling and developing a number of potential and established clients to keep your momentum steady.
4. Implement a Measurable Sales Process
The only accurate way of knowing what works for you is to track it. Sales processes should be structured in a way that is measurable and repeatable so you can find what works best for your business. It is also helpful for your sales team to know they are measuring their opportunities the same way.
5. Adopt a Different Sales Strategy
If the sale strategy you have in place isn’t working, don’t be afraid to experiment. Tracking and measuring your sales process will help identify where your strategy could improve — use that information to see where you can begin doing things differently. Make a point of measuring what is working and introduce new ways of acquiring business. Dig deep, be brave and remember if you don’t do it: your competition will.
So, five easy ways to get more sales — as with everything, people have opinions but what I know is that if you can put your hand on your heart and perform in each of these areas sales will happen.
Share what works best for you in the comments below!

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