6 Tips to Help you Succeed in Business

Sales, Tips | Feb 20, 2020

Rejection sucks or does it? Isn’t it strange that in order to succeed in most cases you need to have been rejected?
Some great people/companies have had enormous rejection then massive success – it usually goes hand in hand.
6 Tips to Help You Achieve Sales and Business Success
1. Tell yourself rejection is normal, don’t give up, but do believe in your ideas
Never give up in what you believe, persevere is an amazing skill. Most successful people have failed and quite often failed multiple times in multiples adventures. If and when you get knocked down, get up again and learn from the experience. Personally, I have never had an easy year in sales but I have always worked hard. I have been highly focused and made some adjustments when the desired results didn’t happen. What I know is, that prior to success, there is likely to be failures and upsets. Don’t give up, just take different approaches.
2. Be prepared to work hard and smart
In order to achieve success, you need to be prepared to work hard, success doesn’t land in your lap for most people. However, when you work hard and combine it with smart thinking you will start to enjoy geometric growth and the results that come with all of your focussed efforts. Being smart means that you totally understand your market, you understand timings and you understand when you may need additional help. Most people are not good at everything. Success comes in different shapes and sizes so recognize what is good. Expect to have tough competition and expect that not everybody will be convinced from the moment you engage with them.
3. Set goals, keep improving
Keep setting yourself new and challenging goals to aim towards, this will help you maintain your focus and achieve great end results. Fortunately, I achieved many of my goals even after people said that it would never happen. Your goals can be short, medium and long term, however, it’s really important to be able to measure and optimise your own success. If you set small goals and work to improve your skills a little each day, your expertise will inevitably increase over a period of a year. It could even double, bringing with it some great opportunities.
4. Find a business mentor
Find yourself a mentor who has accomplished what you aspire too. A mentor can support and help you understand potential pitfalls and how you can propel your business to achieve success. They have gone through the pain and have come out the other end and now you can benefit from their expertise. Make sure your mentor knows what they are talking about, therefore, speak to other business professionals and ask who their mentor is or was. Remember mentors come in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t unusual to have a couple of mentors with different expertise that you can benefit from.
5. Dream Big – be passionate about what you do
The people who aim high get more and that’s a fact. Just take a moment and consider what your dreams would be If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? There is an element of being practical and you must ensure that goals could be achievable but the real trick is to know what you want and then create strategies that will get you there. Learn to visualise success, have your end goal in sight, then think about when you want to achieve your goals and work backwards.
Your strategies may have to be adapted if you are not making progress that you want but that’s quite normal.
Lastly, follow your passion and most of all don’t be afraid to dream big.
6. Familiarise yourself with famous successful people who failed before they succeeded
1. Thomas Edison, inventor, think about Edison, at one stage in his early career he was called “Mad Eddy” because unsurprisingly people thought he was crazy with his wild ideas and experiments. He received tremendous rejection for many years. Then he invented the light bulb – A bright idea! and the phonograph, today is commonly known as the record player.

He was subsequently hailed as one of the greatest inventors of all time!

2. Elon Musk, engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur has had his own fair share of rejection in the numerous projects that he has undertaken. At the time of writing, he could get a bonus of $50bn for running Tesla and achieving pre-determined sales/revenue targets. If you look at where Tesla were a few years ago, analysts said they could go bust.

Despite his earlier success with PayPal, he found it tough getting Tesla accepted as a credible alternative to other motor manufacturers. In 2019 Tesla outsold Mercedes in the US!

3. Sylvester Stallone, actor, director, screenwriter and producer, early on in his life he was homeless and slept in a bus terminal. He did eventually get an acting role, but he found it hard. However, in 1975 he wrote a script for a film which would eventually be called Rocky. However, after taking it around to several studios there were no bites. He did get a bite from one studio but was told that he couldn’t play the main role as he was too short, and his body was overdeveloped. He didn’t give up, he continued.

As you may know in that in 1976 Rocky was released, the first of 8 films.

So, for many famous people, they have tasted failure, huge failure. In several cases due to their tenacity and commitment, coupled with self-belief (and a few adjustments here and there) they went on to taste the success they had always been looking for.

Sales can be just like that, huge failure then massive success!

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