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Telephone Selling

Overview Of The Telephone Selling Training Course

Often the first contact with a new prospect is by telephone. Given that you never get a second chance to make a first impression you can see why it is vital to get it right each and every time.

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as an open course!

Additionally, for many companies, effective telephone selling forms the basis of advancement within a company and the start of a successful sales career. Providing the tools for the job means that from an early stage results are far more likely to be what you want, rather than just a barrage of questions and zero results.

Who Should Attend The Telephone Selling Course

Everyone who uses the phone for any outbound or inbound sales related activities will want to attend. It could be that this is their first introduction to sales or it could be that they have never been trained formally.

What’s In The Telephone Selling Skills Training Course For You!

Telephone selling forms the backbone of sales. Each phone call is an opportunity. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it is an absolute must! Having trained and motivated telephone sales staff will make a significant difference to your business effectiveness. Using the correct approach will therefore accelerate sales and also provide the proof telephone sales staff need for continuing dialogue rather than just making calls. Having highly effective people is every manager’s delight. Telephone selling can be taught and is for most people quite easy to put into practice. The results will mean more qualified leads, better relationships and a strong pipeline.

Topics Covered
  • Telephone friend or foe
  • Calling etiquette
  • Creating a good first impression
  • Script vs. no script
  • Building rapport
  • Basic qualification
  • Objection handling
  • KPI’s and reporting
  • Getting appointments
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • PST system
  • Goal setting
  • Basic closing
  • Typical call flow
  • 5 essential good practices
  • Understanding prospects
  • Prospecting tips

Training Course Includes

Prospecting for business turns some people cold yet other people excel! We introduce the basic fundamentals of selling and how to use the phone as an effective tool. You will discover secrets from some super salespeople who still use the phone. You will understand how to effectively handle objections, gatekeepers and to build rapport. You will also learn how to record and measure your effectiveness on the phone. We will show you the easiest and most effective ways to make appointments with your prospects that are guaranteed to make you more efficient and effective. You will return highly motivated and ready to put your new found skills into practice immediately.


Mark Whitehouse

Mark Whitehouse started his career on the phone. Over the years and still today he is building outstanding telephone teams for internal and external customers. Mark has a passion for getting it right and finds telephone selling fascinating. Mark will share over 25 years of highly focused sales knowledge jammed packed into sessions that make an incredible difference. Learning to use the phone is a revelation and fun experience Mark will show you exactly how to unlock sales potential.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

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