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Sales Qualification Training Course

Overview Of The Sales Qualification Course

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One of the biggest problems for sales management and sales directors is ensuring that every sale is suitably qualified. The best result would be to avoid unnecessary effort from the sales and other team members rather than work on opportunities that will not ever result in a sale. You already appreciate that having a qualified pipeline will result in:

  • More closed sales
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • More accurate sales forecasts
  • Easier resource planning
  • Peace of mind
  • Management credibility

You also know that qualification is not just a nice to have but an essential component for every successful sale and underpins the achievement of every company. Fortunately by attending this course you will immediately be able to predict sales revenues and align yourself with companies that are most likely to result in a closed sale. Put bluntly this course show you how to qualify and what to look for when qualifying small, medium or large prospects!

Who Should Attend Sales Qualification Training

If you need to qualify better and if your day to day job relies on you interfacing with prospects and clients to move sales cycles along then this course is for you.

Do you ever:

  • Want to have a better qualified pipeline?
  • Want to know what to work on because it will happen?
  • Want to increase your run rate and bill more?
  • Want to understand where to put your effort?

This course is for anyone who is in sales and is relied upon to provide revenue throughout the year. It wouldn’t be surprising to work half as hard and double your bottom line once you have mastered qualification so just by engaging us will put you in a far better position to realise this objective!

What’s In The Sales Qualification Training Course For You!

The course shows you how to qualify using a no nonsense approach to sales qualification. After you have attended you will be able to predict with certainty which of your prospects will close and understand where to put your efforts.

Topics Covered
  • The benefits of qualification
  • How to qualify Where to focus sales energy Impact points
  • Understanding objections
  • Processes available
  • Sales qualification methodologies
  • Who you need to speak to
  • Next qualification action stages
  • Qualification variables
  • Measuring effective qualifications
  • Discovering the major impact areas when qualifying
  • Next stage planning

The Sales Qualification Training Course Includes

We walk you through the whole process of qualification discussing the techniques you can adopt to be far more effective. We demonstrate some qualification methodologies and show you how to leverage everything that you have from the sales opportunities that you work with.


Brian Brayley

Brian Brayley has a detailed and practical understanding of qualification for large medium and small accounts. Brian has a passion for accelerating sales cycles and will explain exactly how to effectively qualify prospects. Brian will share his in depth knowledge that has been developed mainly with technology companies means that you have a first class trainer who will also inspire and bring out the best in every attendee.

Brian has worked with many of the UK’s largest companies and understands exactly what works in today’s interesting and sometimes challenging market.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

Need more information now? Email John Bond for more details or phone .

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