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Sales Negotiation Skills

“If only we had negotiated a better deal when signing the contract we wouldn’t have to put up with this”.


Can you remember muttering something similar or are all of your negotiations perfect? The chances are that you could improve your negotiation skills but either have never been formally trained or simply are not using everything that you have.

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The Sales Academy believes that this course is the course for everyone who is involved in sales or in a sales ‘touch point’ with clients or prospects. Getting to yes and getting the right terms could be difficult. For many people they have the legacy of a poorly negotiated contract which means that in the vast majority of cases you have to live with the terms until an appropriate renewal. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to train all of your customer facing staff to negotiate effectively? Doesn’t it also make sense to train your telephone sales staff too?

Who Should Attend The Sales Negotiation Training Course

You would be right in thinking that you should ensure that all levels of sales staff and sales management should attend. You may also feel that support staff and operations would benefit from understanding this ‘life skill’. So often additional people are exposed to opportunities where a negotiation has to take place. This could be with suppliers, agents and other third party people.

What’s In The Sales Negotiation Skills Training For You!

You know whoever you decide should attend will be highly charged and motivated to look for the best opportunity from whoever they have to negotiate with. Powerful as it is you know that creating the right negotiation is essential for the future growth of your organisation. Powerful negotiators spot opportunities and are focused. Every company should ensure that their people are highly effective when it comes to negotiation and splitting the difference shows only weakness rather than strength!

Topics Covered
  • Why negotiate
  • Who are you negotiating with
  • Discovering negotiable variables
  • Bargaining skills
  • Seller positioning
  • Everything is negotiable or is it?
  • Dealing with professional buyers
  • Learn what must be present before any negotiation
  • Handling deadlock
  • Protecting margins
  • Conditional movement
  • Dealing with concessions
  • A win/win scenario
  • Objection handling
  • Listening skills
  • Outcome management
  • Buyers tactics

The Sales Negotiation Training Course Includes

Negotiation is one of the fundamental skills of selling. We deconstruct the process of negotiation and help everyone understand when they should negotiate and what they should be negotiating. We look at behaviour patterns of all sides when a negotiation takes place. We help you understand skills that will allow you to negotiate true win/win deals. We also take a more basic view to help people to develop listening & verbal skills that will make a difference.


Mark Whitehouse

Mark Whitehouse started his career on the phone. Over the years and still today he is building outstanding telephone teams for internal and external customers. Mark has a passion for getting it right and finds telephone selling fascinating. Mark will share over 25 years of highly focused sales knowledge jammed packed into sessions that make an incredible difference. Learning to use the phone is a revelation and fun experience Mark will show you exactly how to unlock sales potential.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

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