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Sales Boot Camp

“Give new starters more sales expertise
then watch them deliver sooner!”

Overview Of The Sales Boot Camp

Getting new sales people off to a good start is a must for any manager. But how do you compress years of expertise and squeeze it into just a three day course? That’s easy because when you assign The Sales Academy we become your partner.

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Aspiring salespeople benefit from our powerful created content that every salesperson should know. We can also back it up because our trainers have been there before and built successful sales teams from the ground up. We undertake to provide outstanding and comprehensive training for your new starters to ensure that they have useable skills in just a few days. Cast your mind back to that first sales course and then imagine just how much sense it makes to outsource this valuable piece of work because soon you will be enjoying the rewards of their effort and success.

The Sales Academy has created a sales boot camp where everyone can learn to deliver and understand basic sales fundamentals. This is a new beginning a new phase for so many people. In some cases it may well be their first sales training course – for others it will act as a consolidator. This is where good sales practice starts and will form a solid base on which to build in later months and years.

Who Should Attend The Sales Boot Camp Training Course

That’s easy – if you have new starters or anyone who needs to be sales aware and want that magic ingredient ‘sales savvy’ – then this is an absolute must for them. You may have people outside of sales that need to really understand what sales do and why they do it. They are likely to either have a customer/prospect face to face role or be a salesperson in waiting possibly in telemarketing or inside sales.

What’s In The Sales Boot Camp For You!

Peace of mind knowing that you have done everything possible to give your new starters the best possible sales introduction. Rather than have people just watching or listening they will have to perform and develop expertise. It’s amazing how much can be taught in just a few days.

Topics Covered
  • Sales terminology
  • Components of Every Sale
  • Basic Qualification
  • Buyers/Influencers
  • Cold Calling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Building Rapport
  • USP / Value Proposition Builder
  • Negotiation
  • Closing
  • Account management
  • Marketing
  • Objection handling
  • Listening skills

The Sales Boot Camp Training Course Includes

We start by explaining some of the basics including sales terminology then look at what each of the components are in a typical sale. We proceed to talk about sales qualification and the people that should be targeted then spoken to. We continue with an overview of cold calling and show how easy it is to get an appointment. Whilst it is high level we will also look at maximizing every opportunity. We look at some of the building blocks required for building rapport. We also will examine USP/VP (Unique selling proposition/Value Proposition) and have a workshop. Following on we look at the power of negotiation and of course closing. Additionally we look at account management, marketing, objection handling and the ever so important listening skills.


Mike Palman

Mike Palman, has successfully built sales teams from the ground up over the past 25 years. Mike knows the benefits of getting it right in the initial stages of team building. Success is earned and Mike will personally share many insights that make a difference.

Hiring staff is easy – getting staff producing revenue is the key. Mike works with all levels of sales staff to ensure that they get the very best knowledge that can be put into practice immediately. Here is a chance to take away valuable insights that will simply catapult sales skills and make a remarkable difference to your new starters seeking knowledge.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

Need more information now? Email John Bond for more details or phone .

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