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Sales Awareness Training For Technical People – Now Delivered In House ONLY!


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Get your in-house techies trained TODAY! – Remarkably thisis our most asked for course as it fills the obvious gap by finally  bridging the understanding of Technical and Sales division.  Considering that many of your highly skilled technical people engage with prospects and clients on a daily basis. Arguably they are an extension of your sales team yet strangely in most cases they have NEVER been exposed to sales awareness training.

As products become more and more complex, technical people are regularly required to use their expertise at client/prospect meetings, presentations and whenever they are on site and they must deliver a cohesive message and value. Doing their best may be sufficient but can you imagine how they could perform if they were more ‘sales aware’?

These highly skilled people will readily do more and can be extremely helpful in so many client facing scenarios if they had more skills and an understanding of what sales is about and of course some of their challenges. They do however need to be trained to have this high-level understanding of sales for you and your company continued growth.

Today smart companies are leveraging their internal assets, including pre/post sales technical support and professional services, in a more commercial way by integrating technical sales training into their wider training program. Companies benefit hugely and are therefore better prepared to advance the sale cycle and provide valuable business intelligence that may not ordinarily be shared with your sales team.

Who Should Attend The Technical Sales Training Course?

This course is aimed specifically for technical people involved in pre-sales / post-sales meetings or providing product delivery. Given that they perform such a vital role in accelerating sales then everyone involved in these areas should attend. Anyone who is client facing will reap the reward of better understanding clients approach to business and how they can personally add significant value to the sales cycle.

What’s In The Technical Sales Awareness Training Course For You!

Your technical people will be much better prepared armed with a basic but structured understanding of how sales work and which elements they should get involved with. They will be energized, happy to share information, be able to add value and qualify key positions whilst on site. They will be able to perform better and may even spot additional business opportunities. They would have been trained to perform in a business-like manner when on site and taught how to effectively gain a competitive advantage. Having savvy business and sales aware technical people will undoubtedly give you the edge in business.

Topics Covered
  • Understanding the sales cycle
  • Understanding buyers and influencers
  • Buying motives
  • Listening skills
  • Sales presentations
  • Skills required
  • Building rapport
  • 40 Sales Milestones
  • Good sales practices
  • What is a sales process
  • The politics of sales
  • 22 on site tips
  • When not to get involved
  • Words make all the difference
  • Business creation
  • Communication

Technical Sales Awareness Training Course Includes

Firstly a spoiler – we won’t be changing your techies into salespeople – you don’t want that and nor do they! We will, however, provide valuable skills that most of them do not have or do not realize how to leverage.

Initially, we look at what the sales cycle is and where technical people should and shouldn’t get involved. Attendees will learn how to easily build rapport, how to act and what to look for when working with prospects and clients. An insight into what sales do is usually a revelation as is the best way to communicate.


Mike Palman

Mike Palman, our MD, personally built highly effective technical aware teams for many years and personally benefited from teams with extraordinary technical talent who were sales aware. This was with mainly software/technology companies.

Today Mike presents this course and continues to work with highly technical people. He provides the building blocks and by helping put labels on the processes that are undertaken by the sales team. Mike started off in technical support and has worked extensively in Sales and Sales Leadership and management for globally recognized companies including IBM, Philips, Hertz and Lexmark Enterprise Software where Mike was UKI Sales Director.

Mike is passionate about the results that technical teams can provide to sales. Often they are the bridge between the client and sales. Mike personally understands the value of having a sales savvy technical team who perform on site.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

Need more information now? Email for more details or phone  Mike directly on +44 7889 115660 .

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