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Presentation Skills For Winning Business

Overview Of The Presentation Skills Training Course

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Everyone in business has to give presentations:

  • The salesperson in a one-to-one meeting,
  • The finance director wanting to raise capital,
  • The line manager making a case for budget allocation,
  • The CEO or Board level Director making a presentation to 300 delegates at an international conference.

A professionally delivered, professionally prepared presentation achieves the presenter’s objectives. A bodged “Death by Powerpoint” delivered in a monotone destroys the reputation of the presenter and his or her department or company.

You know how important it is to give professional and interesting presentations, but you’ve seen many bad presentations and only a few where the presenter held the audience for the whole time, got the message across AND took a round of applause! How can YOU present well AND enjoy it?

This course shows you how!

Who Should Attend The Presentation Skills Courses?

You need to give presentations whether one-to-one or to audiences in the hundreds. Do you

  • suffer from fear and anxiety every time you have to stand up in front of a crowd?
  • not know how to structure a presentation?
  • have nightmares about a previous bad experience with a presentation that went wrong?
  • want to produce professional presentations that everyone (yourself included) enjoys?

This presentation skills course is for anyone who needs to present their case professionally and effectively.

What’s In The Presentation Course For You?

The course shows you how to prepare yourself for a presentation, how to source material, how to structure the presentation, how to deliver it well and how to handle audiences of all types and sizes, including hecklers and clever questioners.

Topics Covered
Preparing to speak

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Rehearsals
  • Preparation
  • The worst that could happen
  • Using relaxation techniques
  • Building self-confidence
  • Creating a confident impression

Planning a presentation

  • Establishing the purpose
  • Types of presentation
  • Identifying your audience
  • Gathering information
  • Content and structure
  • Selecting presentation aids
Giving the presentation

  • Giving the presentation
  • Delivery skills Building rapport
  • The audience
  • Getting the audience on your side
  • Attention span and boredom
  • Difficult people and hecklers
  • Handling questions

The Presentation Training Course Includes

The most important part of the presentation is YOU. So we start by giving you the tools that will enable you to approach a presentation feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident. Next we work through the preparation of the presentation, and finally we handle the presentation itself. Throughout the course there are lots of exercises, especially those that will help you to boost your own self-confidence.


Glyn Radcliffe-Brine

Glyn Radcliffe-Brine has an international reputation for exciting and enjoyable presentations. He has presented to many international conferences and has raised £m for client companies through his presentations to financial institutions.

This presentation training course is the result of Glyn’s many years of mentoring senior executives in the skills needed to produce scintillating presentations that meet business objectives.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

Need more information now? Email John Bond for more details or phone .

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