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New Business Strategy

Overview of the New Business Strategy Course

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Regardless of how large or small your business is, having the right strategy is essential. Getting it wrong could mean that you may not have a business however getting it right means that you can excel. Considering the high level impact that management, sales and operations could make it must be a fundamental for management to ensure that the team understand all the ways to go to market and stay ahead of the wave.

Who Should Attend New Business Strategy Training

All levels of sales management must be trained to develop the right sales strategy then develop the right tactics. All levels of individual from executive management, sales and operations should therefore attend so that they can not only plan the overall strategy but discover the impact of their actions throughout the organisation.

What’s In The New Business Strategy Training For You!

After completing this course you will have a broad understanding of how to generate new sales ideas and how they affect the overall performance of your business. Working as a cohesive business unit will mean that you optimise the opportunities for everyone in your business and accelerate your growth increasing market share and developing brand awareness.

Topics Covered
  • Telephone friend or foe
  • Calling etiquette
  • Creating a good first impression
  • Script vs. no script
  • Building rapport
  • Basic qualification
  • Objection handling
  • KPI’s and reporting
  • Getting appointments
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • PST system
  • Goal setting
  • Basic closing
  • Typical call flow
  • 5 essential good practices
  • Understanding prospects
  • Prospecting tips

Training Course Includes

Initially we examine why it is essential to strategically plan rather than just be busy. Through a variety of practical models and methodologies we help you understand what tools are available and when you should use them. We provide a framework for understanding and developing strategies and tactics that will provide the results that you want.


John Oakes BA (Oxon)

John Oakes is a trained lawyer and has many years experience in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, and Strategy Consulting for UK, European and International Companies. John has acted as CEO, MD and director of several companies. He has also performed corporate turnarounds where sales strategy underpinned the future effectiveness of organisations

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

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