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What Sets The Sales Academy Apart?

Discover What Makes Our Sales Training Different

The Sales Academy helps companies of all sizes acquire more business by adopting, proven and tested Sales & Marketing methodologies.

Our best clients understand that the relationship between The Sales Academy and client is a two way street, built on information sharing and problem solving. We could help you achieve more!

Check out our deliverables here!

Unique Selling Proposition

Our Three essential USP’s

We believe we are special and can demonstrate three real differences to support our claims resulting in happy customers.

110% money back guarantee

  • 110% Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in the quality of our consultancy that if you are unhappy and cannot find value in what we do, we will refund you 110% of your consultancy fees without quibbling!

So now money is not an issue!
our trainers

  • Multiple Trainers – Broad reach!

With seven full-time trainers and two part time trainers we are confident that we can cover all sections of your sales requirements to ensure you get to where you want to go.

The Sales Academy has a broad reach to identify the strengths of your organisation and where we can add value so you know what to expect from your team. Read the ablities of our team here.

sales training - mix and match

  • Over 40 Training Modules – Mix and Match!

We started with a blank sheet of paper and no pre conceived ideas, so as to teach you powerful sales techniques that have been proven over many years. These have been updated for today’s interesting economy and for you to take advantage of. Each technique and strategy stands up independently. See the modules here.

The Sales Academy

The Background

Every now and again an amazing opportunity presents itself. Imagine being given advanced proved tried and tested sales and business fundamentals with skills that will help you exceed targets driving revenue through the roof. Pipe dream, absolutely not as many people have found out who engaged us sales training or Consultancy!

Nearly a decade ago (2001) saw the arrival of The Sales Academy, formed exclusively to develop sales skills and business thinking. Since then management and sales staff have benefited from creating the internal and external processes that deliver more sales and a better bottom line. Simply put we help you to close more sales.

With the challenges of today’s economy, it is not surprising that many people want and need just a little more help to achieve their annual revenue targets. Rather than sit there and complain they are taking decisive action to improve their sales and business techniques, knowledge and skills to become winners.

If you want more sales follow the links to the courses and The Sales Academy will help you achieve those goals.