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All great leaders have a had a great strategy to get them to where they wanted to go.

Unfortunately for so many people they have not even thought of their winning sales strategy and rely on random unconnected tactics.

Now is the time to get into action. A good sales strategy will help you identify and take advantage of the best opportunities. Ensuring an effective sales strategy is in place can help you create a competitive advantage too, so it should not be ignored.

The Sales Academy will though the sales strategy analysis identify the following;

  • Clarifying your sales objectives.
  • Plan on how to reach target customers.
  • Supporting your new sales strategy.
  • Continual monitoring and honing the effectiveness.
  • Clarifying your sales objectives.

You want to ensure that your sales force have a workable cohesive sales strategy that will deliver desired results in line with your company strategic objectives. Initially, we examine your current sales strategy plan and look to see how effective it has been to date (or part of it). This will provide a starting point from where you can objectively measure your new sales strategy.

If you are dealing with channel partners, you may find that a core detailed channel strategy is needed. In which case a channel strategy will be developed utilising the skills and resources that are available.

Supporting your new sales strategy.

We then provide some building blocks and the ‘glue’ to increase the probability of success. You can be confident as we offer mentoring too to help keep you on that strategy. We can examine the roles of you key people and ensure they are skilled or trained in the desired rolls for your new strategies.

Monitoring and improving effectiveness.

Getting your strategy right is essential. By having key measures in place to check your sales progress against, will deliver results. Your growth from the right strategy is memorable and rewarding. We will show you how!

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