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Know Where Your Team Strengths Are

Have you considered that not everybody within your sales team may have the skills that are required to be successful? Why would you want average people to represent you? At best they will only produce average results (if you are lucky)!

sales audit - marketing audit

Sales and Marketing Audit

Organise a Sales Skills Audit and you will know where your strengths are and where training will add the best value.

The benefit of using an outside consultancy is they see team members with an unbiased view. Often, as management, you have been prepared to overlook some of the idiosyncrasies that they display. For some companies, they find that their sales team are just not performing at capacity and no matter what they say, you as management feel let down.

A Skills Audit Identifies Your Talent

With The Sales Academy, the boxing gloves have come off and it’s a reality check. With our sales skills audit, we drill down, slice and dice the metrics to see what is really happening in your sales teams. We ask some hard questions, we look at the current results and again provide unbiased opinions of what to expect.

Knowing you have the right staff with the right skills on board right now, will make all the difference to a successful team. Even if you have the right staff in the wrong positions it could be holding you back – the results can be disappointing.

It’s time to re-take control. Contact us now and arrange a sales skills audit, identify the strengths and ramp up the pressure so that sales division starts to deliver quantifiable results where everyone is a winner.

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