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A Sales Qualification Process For Accurate Sales Forecasts

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Having a repeatable sales process means that you can rely on revenue if you have qualified your prospects at a high enough level. Most companies have an informal way of running sales and rely far too much on gut feel as opposed to hard facts. Many companies rely on the old arbitrary sales funnel with the 20%, 40%, 60% way of qualification. Is it the really best way? Isn’t there some thing better?

There is! Make real decisions based on facts and watch your revenues increase. The Sales Academy is a reseller of a multi-dimensional sales processes. These measure the accuracy of each sale element, allowing you to forecast with confidence the exact status of the sale and the probability of it happening. Benefits to you include:

Sales Processes Grow Revenue.

Enhance your companies sales performance by evaluating progress rate throughout a sales cycle. This means that you can easily see what is happening and where you need to concentrate efforts like training or mentoring.

A Sales Process Gives Better Qualification.

By asking the right questions – you will shorten the sales cycle and increase prospect generation.. – means you get very accurate sales cycle feedback. The sales process strategy will assist you in setting realistic and attainable goals for you salespeople.

Increase The Quality Of Leads

The result of a great sales process implementation is the enhanced quality of your leads. It will result in an increase in your sales closure rate.

Reliable Sales Forecasts

All your sales professionals will score each opportunity using a standard pre-defined method which means higher accuracy.

Align Sales And Marketing

Through the implementation of efficient selling processes, you will be supporting the company’s sales goals.

Develop Effective Channels To Market

Using the sales process implementation, you will be in the best position to take advantage and leverage the company’s infrastructure and business goals.

By adopting a sales process your sales will improve. Your sales staff will never forget to establish and qualify important criteria up front, which means you only work on the sales that are most likely to happen rather than being busy and not see the results.

Having a predictable and repeatable process is not just a nice to have it is an essential. See our two software offerings.

Recommended Sales Process Applications

Initially, call Mike on 07889 115660 or email mike@thesalesacademy – what a good decision so let’s get going and start winning.