Sales and Marketing Audit – Removing the Guesswork!

Is Your Sales Team Using Everything It Could To Drive More Sales Revenues – But HowDo You Know?

What is the Sales and Marketing Audit?

sales audit - marketing audit

Staff Skill Audit

Most companies are not using everything they have to get more sales – we help you identify this so you can sell more and make more profit by undertaking a comprehensive Sales& Marketing Audit that provides hard facts of where you could be more effective. Once the gaps are identified and understood we can help you implement a plan to ensure that you use everything that is available for you to find and close more sales!

Firstly here are some contact details as most people resonate with the validity of this deliverable and decide they want it now! So if you are in that group and want to remove guesswork please call Mike directly on 07889 115660 or email We will remove the guesswork! Our Sales and Marketing audit is a heavy-hitting deep dive and subsequent analysis completed with senior management normally over a two day period  (but sometimes an additional third day for a more detailed marketing audit)  with results and recommendations during day three a few days later after the report and recommendations have been analysed and written. We analyse what you are doing and what you may not be doing by running through over 150 focused questions over an initial 2 day period.

Once you have made sense of your available marketing assets and re-aligned your Go To Market Strategy you will grab additional sales opportunities, you can then look forward to sending your revenues through the roof.

What is the Sales Audit Process?

The sales and marketing audit drills down and asks some hard questions – possibly you may even squirm when you realise what you could have been doing and what some of your competition are already doing.

Through the sales audit, we analyse what you are doing and what you may not be aware that you could be doing. Your and are investigated. Then the reviewed.

By combining and utilising multiple ways to market you can enjoy significantly better revenues and dramatically shorten sales cycles and enjoy improved closing rates.

With this sales audit, a baseline is established and recommendations will be made to increase your teams’ effectiveness. This can be done through;

  • sales training to raise salespeople’s’ awareness and reinvigorate them.
  • a skills audit to ensure the right staff are in the right positions. This will ensure they are pulling together to achieve your company vision and aims.
  • ongoing mentoring so your staff have a ’sounding board’ to test ideas and get those sales cycles closed.

Whilst this can be a one-off exercise, most companies will then retain The Sales Academy to ensure that they are running on all cylinders maximising all the sales effort to deliver quantifiable sales improvement.

It’s amazing before the sales and marketing audit most companies think they are doing well after they realise where the gaps are and wish they had undertaken this before! We have yet to find a company that didn’t benefit from this invaluable assessment!

Please be aware that with Internet Marketing and Social  Selling and Social Media there is much more that can be analysed. Some companies are not wanting to get into the social media analysis (which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others) and just concentrate on traditional marketing whether that be direct or with the channel partners. We will agree up front what will be included and excluded but typically the assessment is 2 days on site sometimes 3 and then a 1-day workshop to discuss findings and implement a measurable plan for your future success!

To explore hidden opportunities please email your requirements to your requirements or phone Mike now on 07889 115660 for an initial discussion.