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Have you ever wanted a simple but highly effective sales qualification process to help all of your sales executives accurately qualify and forecast sales opportunities?

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QUALIFIEDLEADS is The Sales Academy’s easy to use and implement Sales Qualification Process. Typically, most companies only check a subset of what they should or could when qualifying prospects. All too often it is not just inexperienced salespeople who do not qualify effectively as seasoned ‘big hitters’. Now it’s easy to solve this dilemma with a quantifiable/measurable sales process.

Remember the old way of qualification? It was based on intuition and the ‘feel good factor’ but unfortunately, this is no longer sustainable for closing sales. This is also dangerous and it means that there may be several sales cycles that are actively being undertaken that fundamentally should not be because they will never happen! Why – because prospects may not have ALL of the criteria required to become a customer/client. It may be that they do not have an appropriate budget or that sales simply do not understand the prospects purchasing process or a multitude of other additional reasons. This can and does play havoc with technical and management resource planning, as well as waste valuable time for sales executives who should only be working on opportunities that are really going to happen.

QUALIFIEDLEADS is totally customisable for your unique environment. We appreciate that ‘one size does not fit all’.

QUALIFIEDLEADS comprises of 70 positions/stage multi-dimensional qualification process that drills down to provide an objective score for each aspect of your sales cycle. What’s more, progress can be managed easily through a traffic light system graphics. You can easily see which areas of the sales cycle need attention and the associated actions that have to be undertaken. We also have a weighting system that can be customised to push each of the 14 sales elements and ensure that you can accurately predict of the health of your sales cycle.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at all salespeople, sales management and executive management who want to increase their qualification effectiveness and be able to forecast more effectively.

What’s In It For You!

Once implemented you no longer have to rely on ‘gut feel’ as you start to rely on the ‘hard facts’ which means that you also start to accurately forecast revenues with certainty. Benefits are obvious and having a measurable process rigidly enforced means that you are absolutely aware at every stage of the sale as to what action is required to move the sale on to a successful conclusion.

Adopting this sales qualification approach means that you can rely on subsequent sales forecasts and quantifiable revenue.

Lastly, sales cycles will be greatly reduced because the adopted approach means that a multi-dimensional qualification model is employed resulting in better information that translates into more qualified sales opportunities.

Topics Covered
  • QUALIFICATION as a science
  • The fourteen areas to qualify
  • Six level qualification
  • Multi dimensional qualification systems
  • Qualification focus
  • Action planning
  • Sales forecasting
  • Effective qualification strategies
  • Creating impact factors
  • Customising QUALIFIEDLEADS
  • Qualifying different buyers
  • Forward planning
  • Facts vs. Fantasy
  • Better questioning skills

Training Course Includes

Typically, the qualification training and customisation of QUALIFIEDLEADS takes just 2 days. We ensure that you understand the impact of QUALIFICATION and we work with you to customise the QUALIFIEDLEADS process to ensure that it makes sense for your unique environment. QUALIFIEDLEADS is based on MS Excel and can easily be changed for different products or services.


Mike Palman

Mike Palman, our Managing Director, personally built highly effective sales teams for many years. It became obvious to Mike that by ensuring that if all contracts were closed when he said they would, then global executive management left him alone!

Since the mid 1990’s Mike has had a passion for systems that help to predict sales success. QUALIFIEDLEADS is the latest version of an easy to use system that helps enormously to QUALIFY and then subsequently to accurately forecast future sales.

Mike presents this course and explains all the levels of QUALIFICATION and exactly what can be undertaken to ensure that salespeople only work on appropriate sales cycles. Mike’s core belief is, not to work on every opportunity but to qualify in an early stage all the opportunities that have the right characteristics and that could close.

Course Details
Duration: One Day
Location: In House

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