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Force Multiplier is a military term. This term is defined in the Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, US Department of Defence 2005 as A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment. Now The Sales Academy has a solution to your perplexing problem of getting leads and making an impact!

As you might expect many companies have superb solutions and/or services however getting to market can be problematic. Often the more technical biased organisations have found it hard if technical and non-sales staff try to generate leads. Additionally, sometimes there are not enough people on the phones because you are busy or simply do not have enough staff to spend any time on this activity. We can sympathise with this and appreciate that even with your amazing deliverables that the market may need after a brief prospecting conversation there does not seem to be any room to manoeuvre and a forthcoming requirement or opportunity seems distant!

The Sales Academy has created an unusual package that immediately solves this perplexing problem. Our Force Multiplier Programme generates leads through Cold Calling, educates and stimulates target companies through E-mail Marketing uses PR to develop the brand recognition and Google Adwords to drive prospects to your site. This programme is customizable but must include our cold calling module and one other module and be a for a minimum of three months

For most companies, this is a programme that builds on recognition and therefore we need a commitment of at least three months for each of the stages to kick in and start delivering.

Cold Calling – Our telemarketing is superb. We require an analysis and process flow that helps us understand your deliverables so that our team can promote and prospect effectively. If we are to be branded as your company (as opposed to a lead generating company phoning on behalf of a client) we require a corporate email address so that we are seen as part of your organisation. We presuppose that you have a target database that can be used by us – if not we can purchase one on your behalf.

Google Adwords – we guarantee a Page 1 position within 72 hours – you will see that your ad comes up on Page 1 in the sponsored links that run horizontally at the top of and vertically on the right when you get search results through Google. Pricing depends on the ‘adwords that you choose’. Typically this costs from only £50 per week and unlike pay per click marketing, there are no additional costs.

Email Marketing – we will run a minimum of one targeted campaign starting at £250 per month including reports are generated 24hrs/72 hrs of all of the opens and click-throughs. We will follow up all multiple opens and click throughs as part of the scheme.

Facebook Advertising -we will run a  campaign within an agreed budget to a highly targeted group of people. We need to agree on a brief and understand who your target audience is. It’s easy to run a Facebook advertisng campaign but you will want one that delivers the right messaging to the right people! Facebook advertising is an art and we will help you achieve your goals so that you get more qualified leads! Most people find out the hard way about how complex it is to get Facebook working effectively for you!

PR – we can work with you to ensure that your brand is recognised and that all of the appropriate media is updated – you can opt for our social networking updates and we can even create, brand and manage a blog updating all of the social networking sites. Letter writing and press submission and article writing and submission is another popular add-on that increases your viability and expert status. Various packages exist depending on what your goals and budgets are.


Facebook Advertising is part of our social media package and starts at £450 per month excluding any advertising costs

Google Adwords – from £ 150 per week (depending on ad word phrases email the phrases and we will quote you)

Professional Telmarketing – from £300 per day – you may find other companies cheaper but you do get what you pay for! (based on a minimum 3-month commitment)

Hardcopy Marketing – from £250 to design print and send a one-page communication to up to 250 target people (prices exclude postage and you provide the target market)

PR from £500 per month.

Email marketing – again based on a minimum  3 month commitment prices start at £250 per campaign minimum of 1 campaign per calendar month 2nd campaign in the same month ££200. One RE-usable Template is included in every 3 month campaign

The Force Multiplier Effect will be felt by increased activity on your web, more business opportunities and /or requirements and a general recognition in your marketplace that you are a force to be reckoned with! You can Email for more detail or to organise a call