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Executive coaching helps business leaders and senior managers
realise their full potential

Help your business leaders and senior managers realise their potential through individually tailored mentoring and executive coaching programmes.

What is Executive coaching?

Just as a professional sports person or footballer will seek out the best trainer to coach them, so you should look for professional training and coaching in the business arena. Sport and business a similar is so many ways. They are complex, unpredictable and fast. Mental toughness and agility is required to keep ahead. You have to adapt to those many changes too and in business this is where executive coaching plays it’s part.

Working with an executive coach is an inspiring, rewarding and enjoyable experience that professional clients find stretching and stimulating. They feel safe and supported too, because what goes on between the client and the coach is entirely confidential. Clients can talk openly about what’s on their mind, share insights, come up with alternative plans or ideas and rehearse their next steps.

The executive coach’s job is to help business executives and department managers succeed. We apply our skill and expertise to their individual circumstances, work hard to understand their agenda and design our contribution accordingly. There is no fixed approach. The executive coach acts as a sounding board; challenges thinking; stimulates creativity; provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations; gives encouragement; and builds confidence.

Can Executive Coaching work for me?

Executive coaching and mentoring most certainly will work for you. The executive coach has unconditional positive regard for you — the business executive or department manager or simply someone who wants to be more professional. Your executive coach has no agenda other than yours and is always on your side. Together with good personal chemistry – which is essential – this builds a working partnership based on trust.

You will benefit from fresh thinking as well as deep experience which will positively grow your own personal development as well as your leadership development and potential.

The Executive Coaching Process:

Every executive is an individual with a unique set of characteristics and circumstances. All of the coaching programmes reflect this individuality but follow a robust process.

A call for change;

Corporate Context

  • Input by nominator

Individual Context

  • Challenges
  • Business and personal objectives
  • Career aspirations
  • Experience, attitudes, skills
  • Leadership/personal style
  • Gap analysis
  • Development goals and time schedules

Action Phase

  • Growing options
  • Practise, reporting back and review of learning


  • Review with client

The result?

The executive coach helps executives and managers and other professionals overcome obstacles to success. You will;

  • Achieve higher levels of personal and professional performance
  • Increase assertiveness, self-confidence, creativity and productivity
  • Improve communication, work relationships and effectiveness
  • Clarify goals, strengths, personal/professional style
  • Mediate conflicts with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates
  • Manage stress, maximize time-use, find your value, fulfill your potential

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