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The Foundation Of Your Sales and Marketing Plan

A marketing strategy is the foundation of a sales and marketing plan. It should integrate with your sales strategy, combining the company policies and actions. Your Marketing Plan is an essential part of any business plan, a guide helping you reach your ultimate goals.

It is surprising just how many people are unaware of the awesome power marketing has. Marketing strategies can arrive in so many different forms but if you are similar to most companies you only use a subset of valuable marketing goals and policies (you should look at the sales and marketing audit and mentoring here) that means you could be losing out!

No matter what level of skill we will work with you to unlock the true potential of a marketing plan that will fully integrate with your Sales Strategy and company objectives. All of this will help you get more clients and also position yourself for future greatness. Your marketing plan will include topics such as;

  • A description of the key targets,
  • Analysis of your competitors,
  • The positioning of your products compared to your competition,
  • The FAB (features, benefits, advantages) of your product,
  • Pricing strategy,
  • Advertising and promotion and integration with sales strategies.

The vast majority of companies stay within their comfort zone and never stray just in case… This can be a limiting factor for most because in order to grow, you have to take some form of risk. This often means looking at your old paradigms and replacing them for newer more aligned processes that take advantage of today’s market dynamics. If you want to thrust forward and capture more market share there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

The Advanced Marketing Strategy Builder helps you assemble ALL of the components to implement an effective marketing plan. We use power builders to extend the probability of rapid success. We implement easy processes that are often only used by the skilled marketing professional in a large corporate. We believe in producing results for focussed organisations.

No waffle – just highly workable strategies designed specifically for you to deliver the results that you want.

To find out more about our Advanced Marketing Strategy Builder, why not email or callMike directly on 07889 115660