Sales Consultancy and Training

Sales Consultancy

We help your business grow through sales training and consultancy.

Consultancy Services

  • Sales Consultancy
  • Sales Awareness Training for Technical People
  • Sales & Marketing Audit
  • Implementing a Measurable Sales Qualification Process
  • Sales Pipeline Deep Dive
  • Sales Skills Audit
  • Sales Training
  • Personal Coaching and Development
  • Professional Sales Skills Course

Sales Consultancy

Many companies sometimes find they want an independent verification that their go to market strategy makes sense or needs improving – we provide independent sales consulting and the tools so that you can sell more.

Sales Awareness Training for Technical People

Today everyone sells however for most customer facing technical staff could add significant value if they knew how to. We won’t be turning them into salespeople just showing them how they can help to accelerate sales!

Sales & Marketing Audit

This assessment is a no holds barred deliverable and relies on facts rather than emotion. After completion we would have found hidden assets and discovered how to maximize sales revenues by adopting best sales & marketing practice.

Implementing a Measurable Sales Qualification Process

Lets remove the guesswork and rely on actuals and, measure each opportunity the same way. Great Qualification will boost your pipeline and add additional bottom line revenues and it will be repeatable.


Sales Pipeline Deep Dive

Imagine the value of an outside organisation looking at a granular level at your sales opportunities and asking all the hard questions. Salespeople will understand what is missing and ensure that the opportunities are complete and predictable after this session!

Sales Skills Audit

The Sales Skills Audit provides an effective and independent way to measure the salespersons abilities which are critical for sales success. Once gaps are identified coaching or training can be undertaken to ensure the salesperson is given knowledge and tools to smash targets.

Personal Development & Coaching

Mindsets have been overlooked by many sales teams for too long, however the importance of more than just a positive mental attitude is without question. Learning how to win is includes sales skill and mindset – we get results and ensure your sales team gets the edge.

Sales Training

You decide what you want, and we will deliver a bespoke sales training experience for you and your sales team. With over 40 different modules we can assemble a unique programme that focusses on what you want and need so your salespeople excel.

Professional Sales Skills

An initial course to ensure that salespeople have the basic skills so that they can add value. We cover prospecting post GDPR, opportunity qualification, objection handling, getting meetings, basic negotiation and some closing skills. This toolbox will help your salespeople unlock opportunities and deliver more bottom line revenues quickly.

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